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  • location of our complexes - in the best places in Bulgaria Sunny beach and Sveti Vlas.
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Cheapest place for a holiday in Europe is Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Source: DAILY MAIL, author HARRIET SIME  The good news is that thanks to a strengthening pound, seven out of ten traditional summer holiday hotspots are cheaper this year than they were 12 months ago. That’s according to the Post Office Travel Money’s annual report, revealed exclusively today in the Mail.  The report compares the prices of eight staples tourists spend their cash on — including a meal for two, cup of coffee, bottle of beer and suncream. Here’s how it pans out...  A table showing how seven out of ten traditional summer holiday hotspots are cheaper this year than they were 12 months ago. THRIFTY TURKEY: Local prices in the lively beach resort of Marmaris on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast have actually risen, but a year-on-year fall in the value of the Turkish lira of almost 29 per cent against sterling will make it cheaper for UK visitors this year. BARGAIN BULGARIA: Topping the list once again as the cheapest place for a holiday in Europe, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria’s biggest purpose-built seaside resort, offers sunshine, sandy coves and vibrant beachfront bars, with a bottle of beer costing just 47p. Will it be open this summer? Tourism will resume in time for summer, according to the Bulgarian government. EasyJet will begin flights from Gatwick to Sunny Beach on July 2, with return fares from £59. Highlight: A catamaran cruise for dolphin-spotting, swimming and sunbathing. COSTA DEL SALE: Spain’s famous 93-mile ‘sun coast’ is one of three destinations to show a rise in prices, but it’s still a steal. A three-course meal for two will set you back £41.10, while a bottle of beer is just £2.12. The Costa del Sol has something for everyone — theme parks, glamorous nights out and white town charm. Ryanair has return flights from Stansted to Malaga for as little as £39. Will it be open this summer? Spain is keen to develop a travel link with the UK even if the EU vaccine passport fails. Highlight: Espetos, a local delicacy of skewered sardines roasted over wood fires. PENNY-WISE PORTUGAL: The best-value Eurozone destination, Portugal’s Algarve coast, saw the biggest fall in prices of 13 per cent this year. Many of the region’s four million annual visitors, who come to explore the cliffs, bays and sandy islands, are set to return this year. Will it be open this summer? Despite currently being on the Red List, Portugal’s secretary of state for tourism said yesterday that they hoped to welcome British tourists from 17 May. Highlight: Faro, the Algarve’s capital, with its Old Town ringed by medieval walls. COST-EFFECTIVE CYPRUS: Paphos on the south-west coast of this sun-soaked Mediterranean island offers dazzling beaches and shimmering blue sea at bargain prices. Enjoy a three-course meal for two and bottle of wine for £42.69. Will it be open this summer? It’s highly likely. The Cypriot government is planning to open its borders to fully vaccinated British tourists from May 1. Highlight: A bottle or two of the island’s sweet amber-coloured wine. MARKED-DOWN MALTA: On Malta’s east coast, Sliema’s waterfront promenade is packed full of boutiques, bars and cafes, as well as natural rock-cut pools equipped with swimming ladders. Will it be open this summer? Tourism association says it’s too early to say. Highlight: Take a dip in Balluta Bay, with its backdrop of Art Nouveau buildings. CUT-PRICE CANARIES: The Canary Islands have maintained the lowest infection rates in Spain. Lanzarote is the cheapest and packs a punch with its beaches, natural pools and water sports. Will it be open this summer? The Canaries are set to be one of the first Spanish regions to open, as early as May. Highlight: The indelible touch of artist César Manrique on the island’s villages. COMPETITIVE CROATIA: The ancient town of Porec draws tens of thousands of holidaymakers who come for the vibrant nightlife, Romanesque and baroque architecture and glittering waters. Will it be open this summer? Croatia is eager to welcome international tourists making it a good bet for a summer break. Highlight: The 6th-century Euphrasian Basilica in the historic centre of Porec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. GREECE IS THE WORD: All eyes are on Greece this summer. And Corfu, with its vertiginous villages, ancient ruins and sandy coves, is the place to go for an affordable break. Tui will resume holidays to Corfu as soon as international tourism is permitted, possibly from May 17. Will it be open this summer? Highly likely. Greece is keen to open to British tourists as soon as possible. Highlight: Corfu Town for its glorious Venetian architecture.  ITALY'S HEEL STEAL: Puglia, the heel on Italy’s ‘boot’, offers rocky coves, sandy bays and a coastline peppered with medieval towns. Will it be open this summer? It’s unclear. The Italian government has said very little. Highlight: The little town of Polignano a Mare, perched atop a craggy limestone cliff.

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Where's the cheapest holiday destination? Best value tourist hot spots for Summer 2018.

Where's the cheapest holiday destination? Bulgaria (Sunny Beach)  - €43.30 (£37.92) Japan (Tokyo) - €49.26 (£43.14) Portugal (Algarve)  - €50.53 (£44.25) Czech Republic (Prague) - €60.98 (£53.40) South Africa (Cape Town) - €62.75 (£54.95) Spain (Costa del Sol) - €63.03 (£55.20) Turkey (Marmaris) - €63.55(£55.65) Cyprus (Paphos) - €65.91 (£57.72) Croatia (Porec) - €70.27 (£61.54) Hungary (Budapest) - €74.67 (£65.39) Vietnam (Hoi An) - €75.19 (£65.85) Indonesia (Bali) - €76.06 (£66.61) UK holidaymakers will find the best-value for money break during 2018 in the Bulgarian resort of Sunny Beach, according to a new report from Post Office Travel Money. The holiday hot spot on the Black Sea coast has taken the top spot in the annual Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer for the first time, seeing off the likes of the Algarve in Portugal and Japan. To compile the report, the Post Office compares the cost of eight everyday tourist items in 44 cities and resorts worldwide to see where the pound will stretch furthest. And with the Bulgarian Lev becoming a fast growing currency, the study found for just €43.30 (£37.92), a tourist could buy a meal for two, drinks, sunscreen and insect repellent - the cheapest out of all the destinations. Surprisingly, the second cheapest place was Japanese capital Tokyo, where the same items could be purchased for €49.26 (£43.14). Coming in third was the Algarve where holiday essentials cost €50.53 (£44.25), fourth was Prague in the Czech Republic with the average price was €60.98 (£53.40) and fifth was Cape Town, South Africa where items cost €62.75 (£54.95). The rest of the top 10 places the pound goes further is the Costa del Sol, Marmaris in Turkey, Paphos in Cyprus, the Croatian destination of Porec and Budapest. However, the report also showed the biggest price falls of all have been in long haul destinations, thanks to a combination of the stronger pound and lower charges in shops, restaurants and bars. Prices have dropped 36 per cent in Dubai (Jumeirah Beach, £141.23) and 27 per cent in New Zealand (Auckland, £104.80). Prices have also plummeted in the Caribbean by 31 per cent in St Lucia (Rodney Bay, £99.61) and Antigua (Jolly Beach, £114.18); 27 per cent in Jamaica (Montego Bay, £105.53) and 26 per cent in the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana, £67.46). There have also been significant price falls in two long haul cities that have risen to prominence in Post Office barometers in recent years. Tokyo remains the cheapest long haul destination and has moved up from eighth to second place in the barometer of 42 global favourites on the back of a 26 per cent price fall. Cape Town, which has also attracted growing numbers of UK visitors because of its favourable exchange rate and low city costs, returns to the best value top 10. The top tourist city in South Africa has moved up from last year’s 11th position after registering a 16 per cent drop in prices. These are the only two long haul destinations to feature in the top 10 as Europe continues to dominate. However, rising prices mean holidaymakers can expect to pay more in 11 of 12 European resorts and cities. Prices have risen by a third to £44.25 in the Algarve, last year’s best value destination, which has dropped to third place. The biggest increase has been in the Costa del Sol, where prices have increased by over 42 per cent to £55.20 – the result of steep increases in the cost of eating out. The only European destination to register a price fall was Porec in Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula. At £61.54, a drop of 11 per cent has taken the Croatian resort into the worldwide barometer top 10 for the first time, in ninth place. Meanwhile, France and Italy remain Europe’s most expensive countries for UK visitors. Prices in Nice have risen almost 17 per cent since last year to £106.45 and are well over double those in Sunny Beach and the Algarve. Italy is cheaper than France though, with prices in Sorrento (£91.47) 14 per cent lower than in Nice. Across the Atlantic, Orlando (£71.82) is more cost effective for UK visitors as prices have dropped 11 per cent since last January when the US dollar was much stronger. New York (£95.88) has also seen a marginal fall in tourist costs – albeit of only one per cent. In the Far East, Vietnam and Bali have moved further ahead of Thailand. The gap has widened because of a 21 per cent year-on-year price rise in Phuket (£86.27), compared with falls in Vietnam and Bali. Just outside the top 10, prices in Hoi An, Vietnam have fallen by 21 per cent to £65.85, while those in Kuta, Bali are down one per cent at 66.61. This means visitors to Phuket are likely to pay around 30 per cent more than in Hoi An or Kuta. At the foot of the barometer table falling prices in Dubai (£141.23) have helped the Emirate to rise above Singapore (£153.72), which emerges as this year’s most expensive country. Source: https://www.postoffice.co.uk/travel-money/holiday-costs-report http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-5263069/Bulgaria-named-best-value-tourist-hot-spot-2018.html#ixzz5GOpmza1m

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