Overview - Villa Monaco


The Villa Monaco Residential Complex is one of the series of complexes that were built by the BulSun Group Company in 2011, in Sveti Vlas town. The complex was built in period 2010-2011; it includes 30 apartments and its merits and advantages were soon appreciated by the buyers. 

Most of the apartments in this complex were sold as early as in the progress of construction, and at present there are no unoccupied apartments in this building. Due to its exceptional location, just a 100 m from the beach, many apartments have a magnificent marine panorama, and the upper floors ensure a view over the yacht marina for their owners. 

The infrastructure of the complex includes:

  • a swimming pool
  • a car parking
  • a children’s playground
  • 24-hour security guards
  • a convenient hydraulic elevator

Completion: completed 2011